Joelle Shafter 

Joelle enjoy's the challenge of creating new and original pieces by using different materials and making new shapes and forms to traditional accessories. Her unusual techniques evolve into pieces which make her friends and other artists reflect and judge her work favorably. This is her objective and this is what makes her feel an incredible inner satisfaction towards her work and the positive evaluation she receives by her peers.   

The processes she use, of mixing techniques, patterns and a variety of textures are the result of the inspiration she draws from her feelings, thoughts, dreams, conflicts, and attitudes towards daily life occurrences. Joelle's extensive travels introduce her to colors and sights experienced through different countries and natural environments,  have been the uniting thread of her jewelry.  

The variety of elements that trigger Joelle's creativity are as numerous as the techniques and mediums she uses (tricotin, knitting, crochet, hair pins, lace, felt, metal, wire and fibers).  

Mixing felt is the latest material she has been experimenting with and metal is something she really loves incorporating when creating contemporary jewelry. The major function of her pieces is to make the person who has the pleasure of wearing them feel and look beautiful, elegant and unique.

Her jewelry is about self-examination. It is also an invitation to enjoy and revel in the playfulness people can experience.  She cannot omit  mentioning her unusual hand -knitted metal  purses, which are adorned with removable broaches and are crafted with a flare and design that is specific to her work 

These are the reasons why her work sparks off curiosity and gets noticed. It is the uniqueness of each piece, the use of beads, of a wide range of hand made felt, lace and, different wools and ribbons that make the Limited Edition Jewelry crafted by Joelle Tapiero Shafter so different from all others, so recognizable and so sophisticated.

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